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We help business owners improve performance and grow, by solving problems, uncovering opportunities, and finding new and better ways to do things

We are firm believers that the best solutions have not been discovered and the best outcomes have not been delivered. 

We are experts in uncovering the unknown, unspoken problems and recognising the hidden opportunities that can benefit your business. We prepare our clients for change, we navigate disruption with them, and we help them implement the solutions. 

At Argentum Ligno we develop an intimate understanding of our clients’ businesses. We deliver with a relentless focus and we challenge the status quo by being different in our approach and process.

Our Focus






Our advisors provide a valuable external perspective, supported by key insights and rich experience that will expose your opportunities, challenge your assumptions, and give you confidence in your decision making.


We can support you from concept to strategy, with detailed plans as well as execution. We have the resources to assist you from ‘end-to-end’ as well as complimenting your in-house resources.

Perception is everything, and sometimes organisations need a third party to navigate the complexities of change, new proposals, new products, or market review of the current climate. Whatever your needs, our team can assist. We can improve the likelihood of a smooth transition, approval, and implementation.

In today’s dynamic and evolving business environment, the ability for an individual and an organisation to change can be the difference between success and failure. There are many examples of organisational failure due to the failure to change.


As a result, we have developed proven and successful programs that tackle leadership and culture, and these can be delivered as group workshops, one-to-one coaching, and to cross-functional teams.

Digital Media is truly ingrained in the global marketing mix, and too many organisations have no idea how to navigate through all the complex options. More often than not they are doing it wrong, and this can lead to poor experiences that result in misuse or no use.


We have a two-step approach to help you understand and navigate such challenges. The first step is to conduct a detailed audit of your digital assets and platforms. The second step is a strategic workshop that uncovers your purpose and goals, and looks at actions you can implement. For some clients we even do the implementation through one of our partners, Media Sociale, so business owners can focus on what they love without the distraction of hands-on digital marketing management.

Due to our size you will most certainly be dealing with one of our principals, who will personally help you navigate your project. 


We are flexible and able to work on a fixed fee, a retainer basis, an hourly rate, or a combination of these options. Let’s discuss your needs and agree the approach which suits you best.


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We are explosive, precise and practical working with our clients to deliver outstanding outcomes and superior quality

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We work with all stakeholders and an extended network of experts to deliver successful outcomes. We do this by planning, caring and delivering

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To focus on creating new standards not just good practice. We do this by using critical thinking methodology, listening, adaptation and being creative

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We work relentlessly to overcome challenges so we achieve outstanding outcomes

He boasts 360-degree vision with an infectious enthusiasm

The Hon Bob Baldwin

The team was able to solve complex problems, validate our opportunities, establish a plan and mitigate the growing pains. Our revenue grew 80% in 18 months and our team doubled.

Justin Struik Managing Director / Aerobond

working with Kristian Livolsi and the team has resulted in a 22% increase in revenue, we have established better governance and built high level relationships in federal government and implemented a company wide culture program to drive engagement and wellbeing. Kristian is now part of our board and with his encouragement and skills i feel i can do almost anything.

Lauren Whiting CEO / Lift Cancer Care Services

Business Coach Australia

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